JW watch is a watch company founded by Jason Chan (myself) and William Shum from Hong Kong. We aim to create valuable DESIGNER watches with excellent craftsmanship that can be savored by everyone (especially for watch lovers). As the chief designer and the founder of JW watch, I am proud to present our FIRST watch: JW-01.

William’s family has shareholdings in the watch factory and is one of the founders of JW watch. Our in house factory has more than 40 years of experience in producing mechanical watch movements for different top brands in the world.

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Founder and Designer

Jason Chan has several years of experience on watch designing work and has been participating in different international brands such as Warner Bros., Hasbro and Disney crossover projects e.g. the <Dark Knight Rises> tourbillon watch, <Man of Steel> tourbillon, Bruce Lee Club tourbillon watch, etc. Jason has been invited by institutes as guest speaker and design competition judge. Jason is creative and has strong sense in art and design; he keeps bringing new impact and abstract inspirations to watches.



Mr. William Shum is the founder and CEO of Memorigin Watch Company Limited. He was graduated from Cornell University studying master in applied economics and management, and passed the Financial Risk Management exam after coming back to Hong Kong from US study and had worked in investment banking for a year. Then, he started his entrepreneurship by utilizing his in-house watch factory to create the first Hong Kong tourbillon brand - Memorigin. The brand has only started for several years, but it is now sold in more than 20 countries including Taiwan, Japan USA, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia, etc..., and 50 selling spots in Hong Kong such as Prince Jewellery & Watch, Oriental Watch Group and ISA. And he leads Memorigin to get numbers of awards and recognitions from the society such as 2011 Hong Kong Emerging Brand by CMAHK and HKBDC and champion of 2012 HSBC Youth Business Award. Especially, he was nominated and got the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong in 2015 and Chinese Outstanding Youth  in 2016.



Skeleton Movement with an Off-Center Design

Watches are always mysterious to most people - how do watches work? Or what are the composites of a watch? With the skeleton movement of our watch, you can now peer through the gaps of the watch and unveil its mystery. This is not your typical daily watch - the movement is specially placed at the top left corner of the watch. I have spent much time with engineers and craftsmen to make this possible and for this watch design to come alive. What’s more to this watch? The skeleton and the edge of the material reflect light like a mirror - it just makes the watch glitter under any situation.