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Warranty: CV


With our in-house movement factory and service center, we ensure our watches meet the highest quality standards and are built to last. However, things happen and all watches enjoy a one (1) year international warranty(a). Just send us the watch and we will get it sorted.

(a) Shipping to service center to be borne by buyer. All other costs related to repairing non man-made damages and return shipping are included in the one (1) year international warranty from the original date of purchase.


All movements are manufactured from our in-house factory which guarantees top quality and stability of our movements and fine finishing.


Avoid wearing our product when engaging in sports involving vigorous wrist movements  such as golf, tennis etc.

The water resistant functionality is designed to protect your watch from day to day water damage. Do NOT engage in any water activities when wearing the watch. Please ensure the crown is fully pressed in before contacting water.

Keep the watch away from all sources of heat and electro-magnetic fields of all kinds.

Keep the watch away from high temperature or environment with corrosive gases. Human sweat and perfume are the most common types of corrosive catalyst and need to be removed by soft fabric cloth (e.g. silk) immediately.

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